Alberto Statti – Can we make playing games our profession

Can we make playing games our profession?

By Alberto Statti

Since we were kids we all love playing games. It is relaxing, funny; it takes your mind away from problems and everyday routines. Playing games with your loved ones can even make you feel closer together and it can develop a special relationship. But can you turn playing games into a profession so you can also enjoy gaming while you’re working?

When it comes to computer games, they are so popular and everybody loves them so much, that anyone who wants to create new games has a huge area to make his ideas come true. That is, of course, if he has great imagination. With nowadays technology, you can design anything you want – any given situation or a whole world. Creating a computer game that would sell is no different than writing books. You need to know what is popular and what could trigger young people’s minds. It is important to always have bright ideas so new things can appear all the time in the game to make it intriguing and worth playing. People, who create games, presenting a new different world or let you create an alternative personality, living a completely different life, make millions every year, because people want to buy products that truly manage to delete reality and draw a better one.

Another tool to both have fun and pay the bills is poker. Poker has a bad name, because many consider it gambling and they are right as much as it depends on the person whether he would apply strategy or just play with his luck. Online poker can make people very rich, but only if they know how to play the game both safe and profitable. Becoming a master in this game takes not only knowing the rules, but also great understanding of statistics, mathematics and human psychology. Playing poker is similar to solving Rubick’s cube, where you need to know how to apply some basic algorithms – you can manage to succeed without thinking, depending on your luck, but you cannot keep on succeeding every time just by luck. Same way poker gamers create strategies and algorithms so they can guess other people’s cards by watching how the game is played so far. Even very experienced brilliant poker gamers lose money all the time. Their key is to always keep loses lower than profits so the end result will be in advantage. That itself involves strong nerves and calm nature.

Yes, you can turn playing games into something you make your living with, but like the examples clearly show; this is not as easy as it sounds. Games might be fun and entertaining, but their creation and their use for profit can be incredibly hard.

Alberto Statti – The Best Online Games

All You Need To Know About The Best Online Games

By Alberto Statti

Over a period of time that Ivy leaf kennels has been operating, the trend of playing online games has increased to a dramatic extent. Owing to some incredible improvement in communication technology and internet surfing options, it is now possible for internet users around the world to choose the latest games of their choice and play those games online. Gone are the days when people used to go out in the market, search for the costly DVD’s of their favourite games and then play it only until the DVD gives a game play error! Online games have really made life easier for game lovers like you. And if you’re looking for the best online games this year, then you’ve reached just the right kind of page because this post will discuss about the latest best online games.

There are in fact more categories of online games than one can count. Games are available on themes like action, adventure, puzzle, spy, air force, under water, funny, the list goes on and on. You can always pick up a game of your choice and play it online. The best feature of most of these games is that you don’t have to purchase any account to play these games. The games are absolutely free to play and your computer or laptop hard drive remains completely safe (no virus attack during game play).

Some of the most popular best online games of the year 2017 are:

  1. Never winter
  2. Aura kingdom
  3. Planet calypso
  4. Arch lords 2
  5. 9 dragons

These online games have become more than popular these days. These games are being played almost all across the world and are receiving huge appreciation from fans. The designers of these games have been so much encouraged that they’re already working on next sequels of these games. These games are free to play, these games are free to access and these games are delightful when it comes to their themes and colours.

Thus it can be very fairly concluded that the best online games are your best options to spend your leisure time. These games sharpen your mind, these games allow you to enjoy and these games become the most affordable leisure time activity for you. So, the next time you wish to play a game, go for these games and make your time a great fun for you.

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Electric Cars – are they worth it? – A review by Gary Fixter

Electric Cars – are they worth it?

Like most people, my perception of electric cars is that they’re frankly a waste of time and money. But are we really being fair in that assessment, or is there something more to be found from the newest range of cars available on the UK market today?

Renault Zoe, from £13,995 rrp

Renault Zoe – Gary Fixter
  • 250 mile range on one charge
  • 5 seats, 338 litres of boot space
  • 4 years warranty and Renault assistance as standard
  • Zero tailpipe emissions
  • Rapid charging port, plus home charging kit supplied
  • Flexible battery hire
  • 6 different models to choose from

Nissan Leaf, from £16,680 rrp

Nissan Leaf – Gary Fixter
  • Up to 155 miles on one charge
  • 5 seats, 370 litres of boot space
  • 60:40 split folding rear seats
  • Rapid charging port, plus home charging kit supplied
  • Zero emission vehicle
  • Range of different models, styles and colours to choose from
  • Aerodynamic exterior
  • NissanConnect EV telematics system combines navigation and entertainment with an in-car management system

Kia Soul EV, from £25,495 rrp

  • Kia Warranty of 7 years or 100,000 miles
  • Zero emission vehicle
  • Up to 132 miles on one charge
  • Rapid charging port, plus home charging kit supplied
  • Privacy Glass & Solar Glass
  • Touchscreen SatNav

The specifications – and the manufacturer’s pages – for each of the cars look really impressive, but how practical is an Electric car? I was pleasantly surprised on researching to find 3 charging stations within easy reach of home, and looking at a map of the UK now you can see that there are charging stations pretty much everywhere.

On top of that, Motorway service stations are increasingly offering ‘Rapid Charging’ stations, which allow you to charge up to 80% of your battery life within 30 minutes; meaning that the old fears about running out of charge half-way on your journey really are a thing of the past.

So it seems to me that the biggest problem with buying an electric car is my own perception: that it’ll be hard to charge up, fiddly and difficult to organise, I’ll have to go out of my way to recharge instead of going straight to my destination – when actually these really are outdated fears and not at all reflective of the way things have changed in the UK in our push to be more energy efficient.

One thing is for certain, all these cars are ugly and need to look a lot more modern and less boxy in order to get a sale from me.


Article written and published by Gary Fixter

Gunbrick by Nitrome

Gunbrick by Nitrome

Alberto Statti

Can you imagine a world where cars are obsolete? The creators of Gunbrick can. The game of Gunbrick is a future where cars are obsolete and the world is much more fun and adventurous. Nitrome created this fantastic new puzzle platformer game that will keep you engrossed for hours of fun. I had to stop playing the game for a little bit to write this blog article.

Gunbrick is a vehicle that replaces the obsolete car. It is shaped like a cube that has a gun on one side and a shield on the other. Your goal is to help the main character roll his Gunbrick to the charging ports at the end of each stage while avoiding dangerous hazards and crushing creators that are trying to defeat you and stop you from achieving your goal. There are also battles that need to be fought throughout, but no need to fear, you have Gunbrick on your side.

The gaming controls are simple and intuitive. There is nothing worse than wanting to play a game and not being able to make the right manoeuvres due to the complexity of the controls. You don’t have to worry about that while playing the game of Gunbrick. Here is how Gunbrick rolls:  To move the Gunbrick, just swipe horizontally to roll the brick left or right. If you tap on the screen, the Gunbrick will shoot the gun, which is also used for propelling vertically or horizontally due to the recoil. When you encounter environmental hazards, such as fire, you need to roll through them with the shield on the fire, otherwise the brick gets destroyed.

Gunbrick is over 30 levels of fun and excitement that will keep you entertained for hours. These 30 plus levels spread out over three worlds of puzzling fun for players to roll-and-shoot through. The story unravels with each level you complete. You cannot move to a new level until the previous one is complete. As the levels increase so does the level of difficulty. You will enjoy overcoming each obstacle at each level and also destroying the silly creatures that try to get in your way of success.

The graphics in Gunbrick are one reason for its growing success. It is a pixel art style with great detail and colour. Gunbrick is bright and colourful and so are the environments that Gunbrick finds himself in throughout the game. Even Gunbrick’s enemies are colourful in their own right. The soundtrack and sound effects of the game are wacky and fun.

Gunbrick is not restricted by having a certain number of lives or a timer so you can play it at your own pace. Enjoy.


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A Gamers review by Alberto Statti

Fairyland on Facebook

Fairyland is a free to play virtual farming simulation and collection game. You only need a Facebook account to sign up, and from there it’s easy to get started.

Spend some time reading the ‘how to’ guides before you get stuck in (there’s really helpful newbies forums and general ‘how to’ game guides available) and, if you like collection games that reward you by building on levels and new releases as you go, then this is an addictive game that’s easy to pick up and will soon have you hooked.

Once you enter Fairyland, you begin planning your own garden to attract various wildlife; which you can also spot by watering plants in other gardens. The thrill is in the chase, so they say, and you will soon become hooked on ‘colouring in’ your spotter’s guide to wildlife as you attract and then spot in other gardens.

Different combinations of plants and food attract different animals, so this is a ‘learning’ game that rewards you for taking time and paying attention to the guides.

Don’t try this game if you’re all about the action – as a farming simulation and collection game it’s far more suited to the type of person who will happily spend many hours ‘building’ or ‘collecting’ to gain levels and rewards from their online games.

It’s a cute little game – from the neat wildlife graphics through to the actual garden and plant graphics, everything is cute, visually pleasing, and easy on the eye.

And it has real world rewards too: Play and Connect Ltd (game developers) make contributions towards the Amazon Rainforest preservation in real world terms for all their players. So even if you don’t buy gold (which of course there’s the option to), every plant you harvest in your own garden attracts a contribution from Play and Connect Ltd towards the protection of the rainforest. Some experienced Fairyland players have gardens which have bought (via Play & Connect Ltd’s contributions) hundreds of hectares of rainforest – meaning you can enjoy getting sucked into the game without feeling too guilty as it offers real world rewards too!

So if you like building, learning, cute wildlife critters and collecting items to build on levels then go along to Fairyland on Facebook to sign up and get playing!

by Alberto Statti