A Definite Crowd Pleaser

alberto statti

Ivy, a multiplayer game, is a definite crowd pleaser and will become the new party game hit.

Ivy is a competitive game for up to eight players. It is played using hockey and basketball rules with a twist. Players have the ultimate creative experience by drawing their own characters, building their teams and composing their own fight songs. This is probably why the game is so addictive and fun. You are not only playing a game, you are given the opportunity to express yourself creatively.

Ivy is an offbeat sports game. Two teams of players quickly race around an arena trying to score goals off their opponent. This is how it is similar to hockey and baseball rules, but that is where the similarities end. The game matches are quick, which allows others to join in at any time. This enhances the game’s popularity, making sure no one sits on the sidelines, giving everyone the opportunity to join in on the fun.

The game has uncomplicated controls, making it easy to learn and master. Use a right trigger control, which shoots the ball or by holding it giving your opponent a shove to knock the ball out of their hands. Being able to perform both actions with one trigger is a plus in this frantic game. The more you practice and play, the more goals you will be able to make.

Ivy has many different platforms. The many platforms allow you to jump through platforms, walk through platforms and some are solid barriers. Having these different options allows you to maneuver the ball in many different ways while it is in play. The further away you are to the goal the more points you will receive. The object of the game is to make as many goals as possible.

Due to the amazing graphics and pixels of Ivy you can have teams of mimes, mermaids and breakfast foods giving this game a whimsical feel. You also have the ability to create your own characters. Once again, being able to create your own characters reinforces the customization and uniqueness of this game according.

The uniqueness does not end there. It continues by giving you the option of tapping into social media. Every match is given its own four-character hashtag, and by tweeting with the hashtag to the game account (@IDARBwire)anyone can send messages and they will appear scrolling ticker at the bottom of the game screen.

If that’s not crazy enough, friends can start throwing certain words that can affect the game by mysteriously filling the arena with water, done by hash tagging the word flood, or they could turn the ball into a bomb done by hash tagging the word, bomb. They can even temporarily block both teams’ goals by hash tagging the word block. This only adds to the fast-paced action of this offbeat game. You never know what could happen one second to the next, when so many people are involved at the same time.

It should be obvious by now that having these unique options makes Ivy a real sport and community event. By having these options you are also able to create tournaments for the ultimate competition.

Ivy is a game that is competitive, easy to learn and very addictive. It is also taps into social media, which makes it unique and quirky in its own way. It allows all to participate, even those who are not playing in the traditional sense. All of this along with the ability to be creative and make your own characters, teams and fight songs. What more can you ask for.