Evolve – Guaranteeing Excitement at Every Turn

Evolve – Guaranteeing Excitement at Every Turn

Evolve is a savage world of man versus nature. According to Alberto Statti, throughout the game you are never sure if you are the hunter or the hunted!

Evolve was created from Turtle Rock Studios, the same people who created Left 4 Dead. Evolve is the next generation of multiplayer shooters. The game is never short of action. It begins with a team of four players who use their wits and weapons to fight against a human-controlled beast. A definite plus is that it can also be played as a single player game.

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Evolve has 16 different maps, 12 hunters and 3 monsters. In this four versus one game you must take down the beast named Goliath. A fifth player is controlling the monster and helps it feed off other animals and plants to help it evolve and become bigger and stronger. This is what your team of four, when working together, is trying to stop.

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Evolve was created by combining the games Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike. That is what makes this game unique and action-packed. It brings cooperative team play to a whole new level. The competitive component is evident throughout the game of Evolve, unlike in the other games. Teamwork and communication are essential between the four hunters throughout the entire game in order to bring down the monster, Goliath.

The four hunters have the ability to give Goliath a real beating with their powerful guns, mines and their ability to shield themselves. But, this will only be successful if they work together as a team. Each hunter takes on an individual role. They can either be a fighter, a medic where team members aid the injured or they can be a trapper whose role is to contain the beast.

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There is support throughout the game for the hunters. They can use orbital strikes and cloak themselves when necessary. The medic also has a tranquilizer gun that makes the monster green and slows him down, giving the hunters more time to re-evaluate their strategy and collaborate their ideas until the tranquilizer wears off.

Each hunter takes on a unique role in the game and if they work together, always remembering their individual roles, they can and will successfully take down the monster. This is the only way to have success in the game of Evolve. There is no room for egos in the game of Evolve. There is no one hunter that takes on the leadership role. You must work together as a team to have a successful outcome.

It is important to note that every match that you play will be unique due to the fact that the monster is humanly-controlled. This is a feature that makes Evolve so desirable and fun. You never know what the monster is thinking and he never knows what the hunters have planned throughout the entire game.

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It must be said that Goliath is not a pushover. He has the ability to throw rocks and breathe fire which intensifies as the game progresses. The fire that Goliath breathes can become so intense that it literally roasts the hunter. Staying focused throughout the game is essential according to Ivy Leaf Kennels. There are a diverse range of strategies in playing Evolve. The more you play, the more you will master these strategies. Each match is guaranteed to be different no matter how many times you play.

No matter what role you decide to play on your team in Evolve you must always remember to work together, discussing every strategy before it is executed and lending a helping hand to every teammate whenever needed. This is the only way to win over Goliath and the game of Evolve. According to Ivy Leaf Kennels, cooperation and teamwork is the key to Evolve.


Games That Can Make You Smarter

Even though we are used to the idea that games are meant to make you forget about studying or having problems, if we could look a little further they have the potential to develop our brain and help us see the world from a different point of view.


Chess is one of the most intelligent games ever created. It requires a lot of perception and predicting what the opponent might do. Chess creates a better analytical thinking in those who play regularly. Studies show that playing chess can even increase your IQ and it does an amazing job with your concentration abilities.


Scrabble is a word game that enriches your vocabulary and your language skills. There is a whole scrabble association that searches for new words, suitable for the game. It not only makes you learn new words, but increases your imagination to a point where you not only know the word, but you can also recall it in your memory when the time is right.


This is a great game for those who dream to become leaders someday. It creates a sense for business and it teaches people about money management techniques. By playing monopoly regularly you can learn how to manage other people’s lives together with your own.

There are even simpler games that can seriously impact on your brain abilities.

If you are right handed, that means that most of your actions and thoughts are performed by the work of your left brain half. This is because the nerve pathways of the right and left brain cross before they reach the body. That means that your left half is more developed than the right one. One effective way to significantly raise your IQ is to try developing the right half as well. A very simple way to do this is by trying to write with your left hand. You will be amazed how such an easy action can take so much effort. Adjusting to this could take years!

Another action that can develop your imagination and improve your visual cortex together with abstractive thinking is to try reading and talking backwards. Talking will take you a little more time, because the brain is designed in a way that it can grasp things easier when you can see them written on a paper.

There are many fun ways that can stimulate your brain to be able to perform difficult tasks. Thus you are not only able to do those tasks, but also you improve the development of different centres in your brain to be able to memorize and complete even harder tasks. And they say that you can’t have fun while learning!

Hidden classics on the Playstation 2

Hidden classics on the Playstation 2

With over 155 million units sold the Playstation 2 is easily the best selling console of all time. Launching with a DVD player, a major selling point at the time, it quickly grew to deserve its place in the tomes of videogame legend. Giving life to so many beloved titles (from Jak and Daxter to Tekken), most don’t realise just how vast the PS2’s library really is. Home to over 1800 games it’s understandable that some would slip through the cracks. That’s why I’ve decided to run down some of the best, most interesting or most obscure hidden classics on the Playstation 2.

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Kengo: Master of Bushido

Starting as I mean to go on with Kengo, a game I’ve never actually heard another person mention. Though it may not be very well known, every person I’ve ever played it with has been blown away by this intricate, complex sword fighting game. The games multiplayer mode alone is, I’d argue, enough to warrant buying. With a number of possible fighters to choose from, you and one opponent are immediately dropped into an unfamiliar setting with nothing but the blade in your hands. I’ve found going in blind really improves the whole experience. As you and a friend learn the ropes of this fighter you’ll find (as I have many times) that hours will fade away without realising. A complex and challenging single player campaign will keep your passion for this game alive while alone. Kengo: Master of Bushido truly is a must have for any Playstation fan.

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Ben 10: Protector of Earth

Maybe it’s not as obscure; so much as most people aren’t likely to play it with it being based on a cartoon. Once you get passed that however you find a beat em up that’s incredibly fun, with a surprising amount of depth. Ben 10 represents the perfect kind of show to get a game, with its vast number of supporting characters and variety of alien forms; it easily develops into a varied experience from start to finish. If you’re looking for a fun game, that’s really easy to pick up and play, Ben 10: Protector of Earth is the perfect game for you.

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Kuri Kuri Mix

Known as the adventures of cookie and cream in the USA, Kuri Kuri mix is one of the most interesting multiplayer games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. An action-adventure puzzle game, this represents the pinnacle of teamwork. Pick up a copy and you’ll quickly find you and a friend are completely absorbed by this games colourful world, catchy music and vibrant themes.

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When I originally found this game I wasn’t sure quite exactly what I’d stumbled across. A strange blend of horror, puzzle, strategy and action with a completely bizarre story about a possessed princess and all Japanese dialogue, Trapt truly is a sight to be seen. If that all sounds a bit too confusing to you, believe me it did to me as well, but as you get into it you’ll find yourself enthralled by this dark, fun, challenging game. More than anything else, I’d recommend Trapt just for the experience of witnessing it, a game so strange you’ll leave it a changed person.

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Fighting Fury

Fighting Fury was published by Midas interactive, a low budget European publisher. Any of you who’ve had any experience of Midas are probably now shaking your heads in disgust. I will admit this doesn’t fit into the category of “hidden gem” quite like the others. This game is undeniably terrible in nearly every aspect, from controls, to visuals, to completely baffling auditory choices it is genuinely one of the worst games I’ve ever played. A lot like most of Midas’ games library however, Fighting Fury has a certain charm to it. There’s just something about a game this bad that’s weirdly appealing, and I’d definitely recommend it to anybody looking for the absolute pinnacle of a “so bad it’s good” game.

By Alberto Statti

A Gamers review by Alberto Statti

Fairyland on Facebook

Fairyland is a free to play virtual farming simulation and collection game. You only need a Facebook account to sign up, and from there it’s easy to get started.

Spend some time reading the ‘how to’ guides before you get stuck in (there’s really helpful newbies forums and general ‘how to’ game guides available) and, if you like collection games that reward you by building on levels and new releases as you go, then this is an addictive game that’s easy to pick up and will soon have you hooked.

Once you enter Fairyland, you begin planning your own garden to attract various wildlife; which you can also spot by watering plants in other gardens. The thrill is in the chase, so they say, and you will soon become hooked on ‘colouring in’ your spotter’s guide to wildlife as you attract and then spot in other gardens.

Different combinations of plants and food attract different animals, so this is a ‘learning’ game that rewards you for taking time and paying attention to the guides.

Don’t try this game if you’re all about the action – as a farming simulation and collection game it’s far more suited to the type of person who will happily spend many hours ‘building’ or ‘collecting’ to gain levels and rewards from their online games.

It’s a cute little game – from the neat wildlife graphics through to the actual garden and plant graphics, everything is cute, visually pleasing, and easy on the eye.

And it has real world rewards too: Play and Connect Ltd (game developers) make contributions towards the Amazon Rainforest preservation in real world terms for all their players. So even if you don’t buy gold (which of course there’s the option to), every plant you harvest in your own garden attracts a contribution from Play and Connect Ltd towards the protection of the rainforest. Some experienced Fairyland players have gardens which have bought (via Play & Connect Ltd’s contributions) hundreds of hectares of rainforest – meaning you can enjoy getting sucked into the game without feeling too guilty as it offers real world rewards too!

So if you like building, learning, cute wildlife critters and collecting items to build on levels then go along to Fairyland on Facebook to sign up and get playing!

by Alberto Statti

Top 5 Wireless Headsets 2017

Buying wireless headphones these days is like learning another language. There are so many wireless headphones from so many different manufacturers that in the end, they all do the same thing, just a little bit differently for a big premium! In the end though, this is competition which is very good for us, the consumer. It means we get the best prices those manufacturers are willing to drop their prices to in order to compete.

I will start off by going onto the lower end prices of the “high-end” wireless headphones and work my way up to the most costly.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

The Bose is a great set of headphones, but really should be called earphones because they go into your ears. If you are the type of person who also listens to podcasts in bed then these would be perfect as they wont get in the way and feel clunky on your head while its on the cushion.

They have a great battery which lasts up to 6 hours per charge. They also have quick charge so if you forgot to charge them, plugging them in for 15 minutes will get you 1 hours worth of listening time.

There is a little clip on the cable that connect the earphones which you can connect to your t-shirt or coat so that if they fall out of your ears during a run, they wont fall onto the floor.

The cable also has controls attached so you can change volume, skip tracks, take calls and initiate voice commands.

These earphones come in at £129.99 with prime from Amazon

Plantronics Backbeat Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Mic


Of all the headphones on this list, these are my favourite looking are my pick for value too.


  • These headphones provide up to 24 hours continuous wireless streaming which is far more than anyone will need unless you are on a plane to Australia or do 24 hour streaming sessions on Twitch.
  • If you take a lot of breaks and listen to music, this headset has automatic music play/pause when headphones are put on/removed (can be disabled)
  • The headset has a DeepSleep mode which can put your headphones into hibernation, when away from device, extending battery life up to 6 months
  • If you have a class 1 Bluetooth receiver, the range of the headset is up to a staggering 100 meters range from Class 1 Bluetooth device
  • The headset On-demand Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)
  • There are status alerts for things such as battery level etc
  • You have the option to have the headset as wired or wireless.

The price is very reasonable at £150.77 from Amazon

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones


This headphone undoubtedly is extremely comfy, just looking at it puts me into a state of comfort.


  • Noise cancellation
  • EQ based o nthe your volume for more balanced audio
  • Wireless with easy Bluetooth and NFC pairing aided by voice prompts
  • 20 hours battery life when wireless and 40 hours in wired mode per charge
  • Noise-cancelling with dual-microphone system, allowing for clearer calls especially in very windy weather
  • The weight is only 235g which is insane considering the quality of the headset

The price comes in at £279 from Amazon which is on the expensive side considering its differences to the Plantronics which is basically looks and placement of controls which is all personal preference.

Sony MDR-1000X


We are now moving into the next price bracket of headphones.

It features:

  • Exceptional noise cancelling with reduced ambient noise for perfect silence
  • Comfortable around ear fitting with 20 hour battery life
  • Smart technologies – Ambient sound mode, Touch Sensor operation, Quick Attention mode
  • First ever DSEE HX headphones upscaling your existing music to near High-Resolution Audio quality
  • Carrying case included

Okay, some notable improvements over the lower bracket of pricing:

  • Placing a hand on a headphone will reduce music so you can hear whats going on around you
  • Noise cancelling has its own button and looks to be improved over the other cheaper headphones as it has a microphone inside the headset and outside so it can ensure no sound is getting in.
  • The DSEE HX works by increasing depth of sound, clarity and vividness for all sounds played through the headset.
  • Touch sensor operation for changing tracks and volume by swiping in the appropriate direction

Pricing as you can expect, is higher than the previous  headset but has few added extras so you decide if the cost outweights the benefit. £329 at Amazon with prime

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Around Ear Wireless Headset


Now we are moving onto the elite of headphones. With great hardware, come a great cost.

Its main features consist of:

  • Comes in on-ear and around ear configurations
  • Very small package considering its wireless
  • Very sturdy design considering size
  • Has NFC connectivity
  • Wired and Wireless mode
  • 22 hours battery life
  • Connect to 2 devices separately

What separates these headphones from the rest to me would be the minimalist design while retaining that battery life, the metal makes it look great and the buttons are in a convenient location.

The cost comes in at £379.95


In my opinion, any headset over the cost of the Plantronics headset is only for people looking for design over anything else. All thse headphones do 99% of the same stuff, with the main differences being how they do it. The other 1% is looks. If you want to spend an extra just for design then go ahead, that’s your choice. Either way, these headphones listed are the best ones in their price range.

Let me know your opinions and what you bought in the comments below.