Gunbrick by Nitrome

Gunbrick by Nitrome

Alberto Statti

Can you imagine a world where cars are obsolete? The creators of Gunbrick can. The game of Gunbrick is a future where cars are obsolete and the world is much more fun and adventurous. Nitrome created this fantastic new puzzle platformer game that will keep you engrossed for hours of fun. I had to stop playing the game for a little bit to write this blog article.

Gunbrick is a vehicle that replaces the obsolete car. It is shaped like a cube that has a gun on one side and a shield on the other. Your goal is to help the main character roll his Gunbrick to the charging ports at the end of each stage while avoiding dangerous hazards and crushing creators that are trying to defeat you and stop you from achieving your goal. There are also battles that need to be fought throughout, but no need to fear, you have Gunbrick on your side.

The gaming controls are simple and intuitive. There is nothing worse than wanting to play a game and not being able to make the right manoeuvres due to the complexity of the controls. You don’t have to worry about that while playing the game of Gunbrick. Here is how Gunbrick rolls:  To move the Gunbrick, just swipe horizontally to roll the brick left or right. If you tap on the screen, the Gunbrick will shoot the gun, which is also used for propelling vertically or horizontally due to the recoil. When you encounter environmental hazards, such as fire, you need to roll through them with the shield on the fire, otherwise the brick gets destroyed.

Gunbrick is over 30 levels of fun and excitement that will keep you entertained for hours. These 30 plus levels spread out over three worlds of puzzling fun for players to roll-and-shoot through. The story unravels with each level you complete. You cannot move to a new level until the previous one is complete. As the levels increase so does the level of difficulty. You will enjoy overcoming each obstacle at each level and also destroying the silly creatures that try to get in your way of success.

The graphics in Gunbrick are one reason for its growing success. It is a pixel art style with great detail and colour. Gunbrick is bright and colourful and so are the environments that Gunbrick finds himself in throughout the game. Even Gunbrick’s enemies are colourful in their own right. The soundtrack and sound effects of the game are wacky and fun.

Gunbrick is not restricted by having a certain number of lives or a timer so you can play it at your own pace. Enjoy.


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