Virtual Reality Games To Look Forward To

Virtual Reality Games To Look Forward To

Great Upcoming VR Games

There’s no doubt that VR is catching on like wild fire and no wonder, the immersiveness that we have seen already has got pulses racing on so many different gaming platforms. Here’s a small roundup of some of the exciting titles that have caught my eye recently:

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Alvo (Playstation)

A 5v5 multiplayer team based army shooter along the lines of Call of Duty. With many different modes such as Free for All, Domination and a cool Search and Destroy feature. This is one that hopefully will catch on, the more people available to play with the more fun its going to be!

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Quar Infernal Machines (Playstation)

This one looks really intriguing! Based on an original table top game its a strategy turn-based game with 18 different types of units such as tanks and infantry. The game is centered on an actual table top so you really get to feel that you are moving the game pieces around in real time. Should be a very interesting experience so let’s hope the game play is balanced and tactically demanding!

Image result for Beat Saber (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive)

Beat Saber (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive)

Rhythm based dual wielding light saber game? Sign me up!! If they get it right this should be awesome and the developers already have good form after doing some great games for iOS. The soundtrack is also reputedly being worked on by someone from the Star Wars franchise so this one has it all!

Image result for Bebylon Battle Royale (Oculus Rift)

Bebylon Battle Royale (Oculus Rift)

Ok, this one sounds strange but how about a kart based combat party game where the players are babies. Not much more is known but it does look like this one could be so crazy that its brilliant. Fingers crossed!

Knockout League (Playstation)

Take to the boxing ring and fight a ridiculous range of opponents including an octopus. The player takes control of the punches and tries to beat this menagerie of oddities into submission. Sure to be a blast!

Image result for Budget Cuts (Steam, Viveport)

Budget Cuts (Steam, Viveport)

Another title garnering a lot of interest is Budget Cuts, a stealth combat style combat mission based game. Seriously interested in this one, check out the demo!

Image result for Firewall: Zero Hours VR (Playstation)

Firewall: Zero Hours VR (Playstation)

Can’t wait for this tactical first person shooter to get a release. The demo is a definite winner already with its easy learning curve and playability. Team based shooting always hits a sweet spot in my book.

Image result for Golem (Playstation)

Golem (Playstation)

This title has already been delayed a few times but its certainly caused a stir. Details are still a bit hazy but its an action adventure fantasy game where you play as a bed-ridden girl who can control stone creatures called Golems. Hopefully the delay will mean a bug free release!

Image result for Pixel Ripped 1989 (Oculus, Steam)

Pixel Ripped 1989 (Oculus, Steam)

Playing as a girl called Nicola the game is set in 1989, you enter a virtual fantasy retro game environment…yes I’m confused too but this really could be a fun little game. The sooner they release this one the better!