Upcoming Games in 2018

Upcoming Games in 2018

Anticipated Games in 2018

2017 was a great year for new games and new gaming systems. The Nintendo Switch, the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X were released last year and were all well-received. At this point, there will be no new consoles in 2018, but lots of games. Here are eight of the most anticipated games of 2018.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

As the prequel to the 2010 ultra-successful Red Dead Redemption, this game promises more Wild West action and adventure. It was supposed to be released in 2017, but its creator, Rockstar Games, wanted it to be perfect. It will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26.

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God of War IV

In this new chapter of Kratos’ quest, the game deals with the gods and monsters of Norse mythology. Kratos is also tasked with mentoring and protected his young son, Atreus. Fans look forward to the new main weapon: the lightning axe. This PlayStation 4 game is set to release on April 20.

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Far Cry 5

The premise of Far Cry 5 is controversial because it features a Christian extremist group in rural Montana, USA as the main enemy. Your job is to arrest the leader, Father Joseph, of the cult-like group called Project at Eden’s Gate. Set to release March 27, this Ubisoft game is packed with lots of action, new weapons and gadgets, and exciting open-world adventure.

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date surprise as big Final Fantasy 7 Remake update is revealed

Kingdom Hearts 3

It’s been 13 years since Kingdom Hearts II was released. There have been numerous handheld and mobile versions, but fans are hopeful the new game will come out this year. In Kingdom Hearts III, the worlds and characters of Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and Big Hero 6 are featured. The release date is unconfirmed.

Detroit: Become Human

Set to release May 25 for the PS4, this choose-your-own-adventure game is set in a world where oppressed androids work towards revolting against humans. It also deals with emotional themes like suicide, abuse and freedom. There are various paths to take in this game, so each player’s experience will differ.

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Although the release date has yet to be confirmed, there is lots of hype for this game. This is mainly because the creators, Insomniac Games, are known for creating entertaining games. The trailers show excitement and fast action. It will be available for the PlayStation 4.

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Days Gone

In this post-apocalyptic open-world game, gamers play as Deacon (Sam Witwer) as he survives in a world full of “Freakers”. While they resemble zombies, the “Freakers” are living infected humans who desire human flesh. They also chase you in massive groups, leaving you one option: RUN.

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps

This is the follow-up to the popular 2015 Xbox One game Ori and the Blind Forest. With its beautiful, hand-drawn graphics, emotional music, and most-likely heart-breaking stories, this game is expected to resonate with players again. The release date is still unconfirmed.

5 Games to Look Out For This Year

This is a thrilling year for video game lovers. You can enjoy several brand new games that are sure to keep you engaged and at the edge of your seat. Here is a selection of five games to look out for on popular platforms in 2017.

1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a major game for Nintendo switch, comes after ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s’ launch in March. Although it is a re-release of the ‘Wii U game’, it has some new content and better graphics. The game, which will be launched in April, is sure to please fans because of the series pedigree.

2. Night in the Woods

The main character Mae drops out of college to return to her home town. She, however, feels alienated when she gets there. Everything seems to have changed and the inhabitants of the town are speaking animals—Mae is a cat. The captivating game is about discovery and storytelling, not interactivity. It’s a must have for Play Station 4, Mac and PC players.

3. The legend of Zelda: Breath of wild

The success that ‘The legend of Zelda: Breath of wild’ is experiencing after its Launch in March is unprecedented. The masterpiece which is playable on Switch and Wii U follows main character, Link, on his missions. The game begins at the Shrine of Resurrection where Link wakes up after a century. At the start, a voice calls the player who quickly gets out of the shrine to embark on a journey of discovery of nature.

4. Red Dead Redemption 2

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ is the awaited sequel to ‘Red Dead Redemption’ which was a popular game released in 2010. The game which will be launched in the Fall, allows players to control the protagonist and explore a huge world with all sorts of missions and interesting characters. Critics love it for its vivid narration and huge open-world. You can play the game on Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and PC.

5. New “God of War”

The game stars Kratos, a bald headed raider from previous games of the ‘God of War’ Franchise. The character looks a bit different though. He now has a beard and lives a more domesticated life in a Norse setting; he is portrayed more as a family man and mentor rather than a marauder. What’s more, players can use Kratos and his son for interaction. You are sure to enjoy the game on Play Station 4.


Whether you are looking for interactivity, unforgettable missions or breathtaking graphics, you are sure to find something that you love this year. Simply immerse yourself into your favourite game to find out what critics have been talking about. You won’t regret it.

Written by Alberto Statti