A quick guide to The Division

By Alberto Statti

Just like a standard third-person shooter, The Division has the same prospects, of course with more elements on MMO/RPG. One of the things you should know from the start is that XP doesn’t earn you new skills or abilities. To do that, you have to improve and expand your base of operations. For example, when you build a new medical wing or ward, you unlock a new healing skill. Nonetheless, this does not render earning XP useless because better weapons and gear means reaching higher levels easily.

The PVE difficulty in this game is based on how many people you have in your team. This is because The Division is easier to handle as a solo mission than when playing alongside a group of friends, three in particular. However, when you are playing in Hard mode, it is advisable that you bring on board at least one team member since the difficulties are increased in that mode.

For easy switching from cover to cover, always aim the screen towards the cover the hold the A/CTRL button. This way, you will be able to beeline to cover minimizing the time you are exposed to your enemy. Otherwise, a team member could use an LMG that suppresses your enemy thus enabling you to quickly move up and flank them from their side.

You can also do a roll out by double taping the cover button. This is very helpful when an enemy throws a grenade at your or when you are under heavy gunfire or when moving across uncovered spaces.

The maximum level is 30 when you are aiming at completing PVE, and Rank 99 when looking at Dark Zone, this enables you to focus on a level goal. Unlike other games, The Division does not feature the get-rich-quick option that allows the player to level up in record time. Alternatively, there are numerous opportunities to earn gear besides playing the story such as teaming up for side missions, locating ECHO sequences, completing random encounters and replaying missions on higher difficulties.

It is only with your Dark Zone rank 50+ that you will be able to have better weapons and gear. As such, the trick here is to kill as many enemies as you can, locate loot crates and kill named enemies. Take note that even with this strategy, if you die quite often, your DZ rank drops quite considerably, especially when you have gone rogue.