About Alberto Statti

I was born in 1989, Manchester. My mother was in the middle of watching her favourite TV show when she went into labour. She was determined to finish watching but my father had other ideas. He dragged her out of that and hauled her down to the hospital where I was born 30 minutes later (that as a close one).

We lived in Manchester until I was 7 years old when my parents moved my sister and I to Leeds for my fathers new job. Life in Leeds was quite a bit different, our parents were more hesitant to let us play in the streets and we had an earlier curfew than when we were in Manchester.

After turning 10 we moved again, this time to to London. It took quite a bit more getting used to than Leeds as you would expect. London is a very big city compared to Leeds and Manchester (to me at least!). I attended a typical London School with a ton of other sheltered kids (Oddly mostly American). I learned lot about annoying rich city kids. I also learned a lot about xenophobia. (Some of those American kids really took a beating by random strangers)

Having to make new friends every couple of years got pretty old so I didn’t put much effort into making friends when I moved to London. After about 2 years I changed my mindset and got a few friends. I actually moved to York recently but still speak to all my friends.

Now that I’m an adult, I attended a University and got a degree in IT which I am now hoping to use to bag me a good IT job (I don’t care if its at the bottom or as data entry)

This blog will be used as my diary so to speak where I will keep tabs on everything I do day to day and make monthly updates with the best bits.

Wish me luck with the job hunting.