My Gaming Journey

Since I was a little boy, I have played many many games. These games helped me gain a lot of friends at school because it was the time when everyone was playing console games. As time progressed and I moved around the country, my gaming evolved too from consoles to PCs.

As great as console gaming is for casual players, it doesnt compare to a PC. The controls are so much more intuitive/responsive especially in First Person Shooters. Back in 2010, console were the go to gaming platform but as time has progressed, more and more people are making the move to PC for several reasons:

  1. Monthly subscriptions are a turn off just to play your games online on console.
  2. Consoles cost considerably more than they used to.
  3. Console games just aren’t as polished as their PC counterparts.
  4. Some console games are graphically dumbed down to be playable on console.

My gaming has been long and eventful:

infographic of alberto statti
my gaming journey with Alberto Statti

Ill start pretty far forward in time as everyone played all the greatest SNES, NES games such as Golden Axe etc.

From 2005 is when I began my journey into World of Warcraft, I started as a shadow priest with next to no abilities due to it being WoW Vanilla. After raiding in a 40 man guild for a few years, I took a break and came back during Cataclysm but didn’t stay long as it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Moving along to 2008 when I quit WoW Vanilla, GTA 4 was released and I played that game for almost a year. GTA was and still is an amazing game that seems to be getting better and better with each release (not may games follow this rule).

I stopped playing GTA in 2009 when Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was released. I believe this was the time that CoD got its fame as MW2 was an amazing game. Sadly it was only downhill from there and just became a game of money grabbing re0using the same content and reducing the amount of maps you get with the game.

2012 was the time I discovered Mass Effect. I have never had such fun in a game as I have in Mass Effect, the story was amazing, the side missions were amazing and I loved the combat. I really enjoyed #2 as well and spent an inordinate amount of time scanning planets for minerals to upgrade my ship.

2014 and onward has been a mishmash of games played but the most notable would be Battlefield 3 with its messy start but becoming a lot better with patches and then the same experience with Battlefield 4 with its awful gameplay in the beginning and getting better over time.

In the future I will be trying out the new World of Warcraft Legion and 100% playing the new Mass Effect.