Some of the Best First Person Shooters

Alberto Statti

The evolution of technology has given birth to many games which run on high-quality graphics. Gamers all around the world are fascinated by the functionality of these games. They allow you to experience realities such as fighting in a warzone or world calamities such as a zombie apocalypse. This article will tell you about some of the best first person shooter games:

Star Wars Battlefront (2015)

Star Wars Battlefront is a first-person shooter video game released at the end 2015. The game allows the user to experience an adventure in the world of star wars. It is one of the best games which can be played on PC thanks to the modified settings. The graphics of the game are immense, smooth textures and realistic visual impacts such as smoke, blast and fire gives the user a sense of reality.
There are many questions regarding the content of the game; was it not sufficient. Well, the game makers did add a little extra content but it was not fundamentally new so players were a little upset. There were many features which were removed from the game such as you can carry only 3 weapons at a time and they require charging as well as swapping when you need to use them  so the fanatics of Call of Duty and Battlefield were disappointed. The level of tactical depth was merely satisfactory as it was considered old fashioned when compared to Black Ops 3.
When all is said and done, this game is very exciting and offers more than a typical gamer expects. The diversity of environments such as Endor which is filled with great sniper spots and places to hide. It allows you ambush your enemies. One of the unfortunate features is that there are very few spawn points in the game so gamers are frustrated when they spawn too far back. The essence of Star Wars is magnificently radiated and players are happy to play this game as it awakens their desire to experience the pleasures of the world of star wars.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Will be officially released on March 8th, 2016. People are already excited because the beta version had so much to offer. The gameplay of The Division includes the gamer being part of a civilian sleeper cell of modern agents who are trying to stop the annihilation of New York. The graphics of the game are epic and the visual effects combined with the soul thrilling scenarios allow the gamer to truly experience what it feels to make tactical decisions.
There are many fortunate features in the game. The characters in The Division are not bound by character class. So you change your character to your will, change its abilities, attire and attributes to make it more compatible with the rest of the characters in your team. There are many more rare elements in the game such as weapon modifications. The weapons you use have levels of evolution which determine how powerful and effective they are. You can also attach talents to a fully powered weapon to increase effectiveness during a battle. It’s games like these which provide the gamers with the sheer pleasure of killing.
The functioning of the game is very unique as it allows you to monitor the status of your character without taking your eyes off the battle. The game makers added another exciting feature; the replication of New York. Snow will look real to you, the streets and buildings are the same replication of New York, the clear night sky and the impaired vision due to fogginess will mesmerize you. I recommend that you look forward to this game and play it as soon as it is released, it will be an exciting experience for you.

Written By Alberto Statti

The Division Release Confirmed 8th March

The Division coming 8th of March

Now that it has been confirmed that the release of The Division is 8th of March then we can prepare ourselves. For some people such as myself (Alberto Statti) this means hoarding sweets, snacks and drinks, only to leave the room to go to the toilet. For others, it is the case of booking some time off work for a proper gaming session. And then there are those of us with children, who do all the chores the week before to ensure we can game for a few days without being nagged.


It is safe to say that, after a closed beta and an open beta, the hype is real. For some maybe too real. No doubt there will be some that are going out of their way to create life like replicas of stuff they have seen in game (hopefully not the pooping dog)

What makes The Division feel so real?

The Division is made up of a LOT of little things that in the end, create something awesome. Whether it be the pooping dog above, great cover mechanics, or the fact that you have a ton of skills to choose from, there is a good deal of things to choose from.

Those things don’t necessarily make a game great, its more in the little things that bring the big things together.

For example:

  • Smoke moves in the direction of the wind.
  • Fog can make the game change drastically when you cant see more than 3 metres ahead.
  • Nearly everything can be shot through leaving actual bullet holes that let light shine through. Concrete will chip, sign posts will dent and brick walls will lose some nice chunks.
  • Sun light creates an atmosphere of realism that which not many games can claim.
  • Shadows move in real time with the sun.
  • Aiming down sight will cause you to close one eye.
  • When it snows, it builds up the streets and cars around you.
  • Jumping on a car will make it tilt like in real life.
  • Weapons have visual overheat as seen by glowing orange on your weapon.

There are many more to list but you get the idea

What can you do to prepare?

There are a BUNCH of people online who are going to crazy efforts to make the game easier for themselves and those they share their tools/knowledge with. I have compiled a mini list of the best places to to prepare for the game and will also come in handy while playing.

I have mentioned this one before, but the Skill Calculator is amazing and covers a good chunk of the gameplay and can be a goof to be pro-active with your talent choices.

An extensive list of Game Mechanics that will most certainly come in handy while playing 1v1 or even 2v1. It could be the difference between a win and death.

Python_FR has compiled a very good list of Base of Operations upgrade order which will prioritise levelling and if you plan on levelling as fast as possible its worth checking out – Source

Speaking of extensive, this guy seems to have cracked the formula for DPS and (sorry for the click bait title) It will suprise you.

Finally, NVidia are doing a giveaway of amazing proportions which requires you to find hidden codes and submit them with your details to enter the price draw. Lucky for you and me, Reddit to the rescue again as multiple users compile lists of the the codes for you to enter and so far, some cracks the new code within hours of it being live. – Source

By Alberto Statti

Gaming Evolution

Alberto Statti

It may surprise you to learn that video games are already over 50 years old. If you ask most people in the industry what the first video game was, the chances are that the majority would say Spacewar. It was a game developed in 1961 by a group of MIT students. While today’s video games can run on a small handheld device, Spacewar was designed to run on a big mainframe computer. Despite this, Spacewar helped start the market for the video games that were to follow.

The 1970s saw the arrival of the coin-operated video arcade game. It gave us games such as Asteroids and Space Invaders that the public could play. At the same time, the home console developed by companies like Atari came on to the market. It allowed people to connect the device to their TV to play what today would be thought of as simple games.

The 1980s was the era of the arcade games as they became widely available to the public. Some of the games today have their origins in the arcade games of that era. Games like ‘Pac-Man’ would become household names. As well as improved games consoles, the 1980s saw the appearance of the home PC on the market as another option for game playing. Towards the end, video games started to separate themselves along the lines of the type of game they were such as action, adventure and role-playing for example.

While the 1980s were the era of the arcade game, the 1990s was the time of the home console. As well as advances in home consoles, games also started to take off for the home PC. Innovation in the 1990s saw gaming move towards being more lifelike with the use of 3D graphics.

2000 onwards
Since 2000 gaming continues to evolve and adapt making the most of the technology available. In the consoles market gaming has seen the emergence of key players like Sony and Microsoft. For the players, there are a broad range of devices, including your smartphone or tablet, available. People who were not previously interested in gaming can get now get involved thanks to all of the different devices available.

The future of gaming is unknown but with the advancements in VR technology and display technology it is worth keeping a watch on them.

Written by Alberto Statti