The Division

alberto statti

Who hasn’t played The Division?

A little background

The Division is due for release on 8th March 2016. It is set in New-York, it is a MMO/Shooter from the Tom Clancy series and features destructive environments and is fully explorable. A virus has been released on black Friday and the mission of the play is to investigate who released it and why. You will team up with up to 3 friends, each of you carrying 3 weapons. You can take cover behind many of the games cars, lamp posts and walls to avoid damage while also giving you a tactical advantage. The game itself is set in a 3rd person perspective, which means you can see your character and the new items he wears as you progress through the story line.

Your character progresses through the game by gaining levels in PvE and PvP. In the PvP Dark Zone, dying will cause you to decrease in XP which will also cause you to lose levels if you die enough, there is also a monetary loss for dying so your best bet is to team up with others and stay alive!

Each level gained unlocks new customisation benefits such as sticky bomb upgrades, better healing capabilities and even mobile shields. A division skill calculator is a good choice to fill up your time before the full game is released.

Base skills and talents are unlocked by completing missions. The game is built on the Snowdrop engine which has been developed to simulate real-world scenarios such as a dynamic, time based weather system. Storms can hinder player’s visibility and make aiming much more difficult. The game also features a day and night cycle which will change the behaviour of enemies in the game.

Closed Beta

The closed beta ended in late January, it lasted for 4 days and let players unlock the Base of Operations (Boo, as some developers call it) and let you unlock 3 parts of the medical wing which in turn unlocked some healing talents and upgrades.

Open Beta

The open beta was on 18-21st for Xbox and 19th – 21st Feb for everything else. It had the same content unlocked as the Closed beta but will also had another wing unlocked, the security wing, which unlocked the amazing gun turret. (When it wasn’t shooting friendlies)

Checkout the video below and let me know what you think: