World of Warcraft: Legion

wow legion

Written by Alberto Statti

Better PvP system

PvP in its current state is, according to the majority of PvPers, boring. So Blizzard took it upon themselves to revamp it, massively. And revamp it they have. It now doesn’t resemble old PvP very much at all. They key features consist of:

  • Honor System with additional replay system that unlocks prestige items.
  • Honor ranks from  1-50 which earn perks, bonuses, talents as you progress.
  • Separate PvP Talent System just like PvE talents
  • PvP gear will no longer have unique stats like Dual Item Level.
  • No more PvP specific sets.
  • Main PvP gear acquisition through boxes rather than a vendor.

Mounted PvP

Other Changes

  • New Class: Demon Hunter
  • New Continent: Broken Isles
  • New Dungeons
  • New Raids
  • New PvP Honor System
  • New Transmog System and Changes
  • New Social Features
  • Profession Updates
  • Flying in Legion